Love Food Hate Waste – 10 Cities

Birmingham Production Company HELTER SKELTER MEDIA have completed a series of short films celebrating the LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE 10 Cities campaign to end food waste in the UK.

LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE – 10 CITIES CAMPAIGN has just completed. For 18 months this countrywide campaign partnered with seven major retailers and local authorities to put on a huge number of inspirational events that focused on reducing food waste in the home.

The films are available to view on the WRAP YOU TUBE CHANNEL from the 28th June and on the Helter Skelter Media website at

Food waste in the home is a huge problem in the UK. We throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink each year. The 10 Cities campaign ambitious target was to reach 8 million people and reduce this waste by 14%.

Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco , Morrison’s, The Co-op, Waitrose and the Central England Co-operative in Birmingham plus 10 Local Authorities took part in this behaviour changing campaign that really made a difference.

“Though we are very sad its over its been an amazing collaboration with some really fantastic partners”. ANNIKA STOTT, CAMPAIGN MANAGER.

Helter Skelter Media PRODUCER, CHRIS WRIGHT, who traveled all over the country with the production team, filming events and meeting campaigners and retailers says:

“What impressed us was the passion of those delivering the campaigns messages, the diversity of the events and the groups that the campaign reached on a real grass roots level. We hope that the films capture some of the campaigners passion and commitment to bring about real change in people’s behaviour in their homes around food waste. The films highlights lots of events that the 10 Cities Campaign put on –

  • Cooking classes – teaching people how to use leftovers.
  • Cascade classes in x number of businesses and community groups teaching the value in meal planning and storing food effectively.
  • The Big Freeze toured the 10 cities teaching people simple but effective tips of how and what foods to freeze.
  • Community groups and Social Enterprises like The Junk Food Cafe joined in reaching out to the young with their delicious student binner dinners made from food that was destined for landfill.

In Birmingham HELTER SKELTER MEDIA filmed with James Knight, Community Relations Manager from the Central England Co-operative who have been the main partner for the campaign in Birmingham. They helped launch the campaign and have put on a variety of events over the 18 months. James says:

“For me, the 10 Cities Campaign has been an overwhelming success. Long live Love Food Hate Waste and 10 Cities!” – JAMES KNIGHT, COMMUNITY RELATIONS MANAGER, CENTRAL ENGLAND CO-OPERATIVE, BIRMINGHAM

The films were launched on the 28th June on social media via the Love Food Hate Waste You Tube channel.

Love Food Hate Waste
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